The Japan Foundation Indo-Pacific Partnership Program (JFIPP Research Fellowship)

The Japan Foundation (JF) has announced a new fellowship program, the Japan Foundation Indo-Pacific Partnership (JFIPP) Research Fellowship, with the purpose of building partnerships and intellectual networks in the Indo-Pacific region.

This program is designed to promote international research and collaborative activities on common policy issues that require cooperation and engagement within and beyond the Indo-Pacific region, with the purpose of contributing to the maintenance and strengthening of a free and open international order in the Indo-Pacific region, bringing about peace and prosperity to the entire region.

The program aims to encourage a new generation of researchers, experts, and practitioners who share the same concerns to build a new platform for intellectual cooperation, and to support the formulation of new policy proposals, visions, and initiatives from the Indo-Pacific region with a long-term, future-oriented perspective to contribute to resolving the issues.

Deadline: June 14, 2024 (Friday) noon (Japan Standard Time)

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