Australia Japan Society (Tasmania) Inc

Australia Japan Society (Tasmania) Inc

The Australia-Japan Society began its Tasmanian activities in the northern city of Launceston in 1968. It was formally constituted under that name in the following year. It quickly attracted interest from people in other parts of the state and considerable support developed in the south, centered on Hobart. A Hobart-based branch was formed in the latter half of 1970. In April 1987, by mutual agreement, this branch was reconstituted in its present form as the Australia-Japan Society (Tasmania).

The Australia-Japan Society (Tasmania) Inc is a nonpolitical, nonprofit organisation that assists Australians (and in particular, Tasmanians) and Japanese in understanding each other’s culture.

The Society is involved in the organisation of numerous activities in various educational, cultural, social and commercial contexts. It is an incorporated body with an active committee of ten, elected at the AGM held in April/May of every year.

Visiting Japanese nationals are welcome to participate in the Society, as are any Australians with an interest in Japan.


Postal Address – PO Box 136, Sandy Bay, Tas. 7006

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