Australia Japan Society – Act Inc

Australia Japan Society – ACT Inc.

The AJS (ACT) has a longstanding ‘sister’ relationship with the Japan-Australia Society in Nara and is represented on the Canberra Nara Sister City Committee established to provide assistance and advice to the ACT Government on the implementation of the agreement between the ACT Government and the municipality of Nara.

The AJS (ACT) has close working relationships with the Embassy of Japan and with a number of Japan-Australia Society, including in Kobe and Kumamoto.

AJS (ACT) is affiliated with the Japanese Language Teachers Association (ACT) and has connections with the Canberra JET Alumni Association.
AJS (ACT) is a member of the National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies.

Advice and Assistance

AJS (ACT) receives a variety of requests from companies, organisations and individuals seeking information and assistance on Japanese contacts and communication. We assist where we can, including by providing referrals for interpreting and translation services.


AJS (ACT) conducts an annual student exchange between secondary schools in Canberra and in Japan in collaboration with the Japan-Australia Society, Kobe.

Arranging host accommodation and short term billets for visitors from Japan is an integral part of the Society’s activites. Each year Society members host a large number of students and visiting cultural groups from Japan.


The Society’s quarterly newsletter, “Kakehashi”, includes articles of general interest on Japan contributed by members. There are regular items on AJS news, social events, exhibitions, television and film reviews and links to on-line information on Japan.

Membership of the AJS is open to all persons and organisations who have a genuine interest in Australia-Japan relationships. Members are invited to renew membership from 1 July each year. There are Individual, Family; Youth/Student; Educational Institution and Corporate membership categories.


Postal Address:
GPO Box 1066
Canberra ACT 2601


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