Australia Japan Association of South Australia

Australia Japan Association of South Australia

The Australia Japan Association of SA Inc. was founded in 1967, more than 54 years ago, by Toyohiro Tanaka to foster and promote friendship and understanding between the people of Australia and of Japan. It is still doing that today, although with changing times we see more of Japanese people who are in Australia to study or have a working holiday than those in business and representing Japanese companies. However, everyone is welcome, and our membership reflects a wide range of people, whose common interest is in some way connected with Japan.

AJA regularly holds Kaiwa (means conversation ) Dining Club where Australians and Japanese (and many others these days) of all ages meet to socialise, make some useful contacts and communicate in each other’s language.

Normally about 25 – 30 people participate in the club and always people have a good time talking to each other.


AJA South Australia
PO Box, 485 Edwardstown, 5039 SA Australia

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