About the Federation

The National Federation of Australia Japan Societies is the national body representing all the Australia Japan Societies around Australia.

These Australia Japan Societies are voluntary organisations that have devoted themselves to maintaining and developing the wonderful relationship we enjoy with Japan. These Societies around Australia have as their members, representatives from all parts of the community. These members include businesses small and large, individuals, families, schools and educational institutions, students and government. If you are not a member of one of our Societies around Australia we would encourage you to join.

The inauguration of The National Federation of Australia-Japan Societies Incorporated marks a new milestone in the development of the Australia-Japan movement in this country.

Thirty years have passed since the first National Conference of Australia-Japan Societies was held in Canberra.

During that time, the Australia-Japan relationship has matured to a degree where the formerly unfamiliar has become commonplace, and the need to pursue a closer cultural and economic relationship has become a given, rather than a novel challenge.

These developments create their own challenge, because in some respects the activities of our respective Societies no longer break new ground, but rather involve pursuing activities which have now been engaged in for many years. In addition, both Australians and Japanese living within Australia now have sufficient confidence in dealing with each other that the meeting place once offered by our respective Societies no longer serves the almost unique role which it once served.

In addition, a new generation of young Japanese and Australians has grown up without the direct shadow of past conflict as a major part of their perceptions of one another.

So it is necessary for both the Federation, and its Member Societies, to address the very different needs which now exist. We have to reach new audiences, and whilst not changing the essence of our message, which is the importance of the relationship between the peoples of Japan and Australia, refocus it and ensure it remains relevant to modern needs and continues to be effective.

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