Australia-Japan Business Council of Victoria (AJBCV)

Australia-Japan Business Council of Victoria ( formerly the Australia-Japan Society of Victoria)

The Australia-Japan Business Council of Victoria (AJBCV) was established in 1963 as an independent, non-profit organisation dedicated to strengthening business, government, educational and cultural links between Victoria and Japan.

We share a genuine belief in the importance of the relationship between Australia and Japan and the rewards and benefits it has to offer.

The AJBCV’s programs and events are managed by a community of dedicated volunteers drawn from its membership of large and small business corporations, educational and cultural organisations and individuals.

Our work is funded by membership fees, contributions and grants, as well as certain AJBCV fund-raising functions and activities.

The AJBCV was formerly called the Australia-Japan Society of Victoria.


PO Box 2128, Forest Hill, VIC 3131
T: +61 3 9028 2001

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