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SBS Multilingual Coronavirus Portal

SBS has launched the SBS Multilingual Coronavirus Portal, a dedicated online information hub for multicultural communities to easily access accurate and trusted news and information about COVID-19, in their language. The Japanese version is visible at:

SBS Multilingual Coronavirus Portal2020-03-26T16:53:09+10:00

Women in Leadership – Enhancing opportunities in Australia-Japan working environments

02 April 2020 | NOW A LIVESTREAM EVENT Presented by Asialink Business, Ashurst and the Australia - Japan Society of Victoria Representing cross sector experience in business, government and academia, our panelists will share and discuss some of the unique leadership challenges that women face in Australian-Japanese working environments. The conversation will include practical tips on leadership, sponsoring and influencing, and what support is available to aspiring women leaders to [...]

Women in Leadership – Enhancing opportunities in Australia-Japan working environments2020-03-17T10:00:06+10:00

Australian Shakuhachi Festival 2020

2 October - Sun 4 October 2020 Redland Performing Arts Centre, Brisbane, will once again host the Australian Shakuhachi Festival which consists of intensive, semi-residential workshops and a public concert. Redland Performing Arts Centreare honoured to have the three great Japanese teachers, Furuya Teruo, Matama Kazushi and Kakizakai Kaoru for ASF20. They will be joined by Australia’s own Grand Master, Riley Lee, plus three other highly-experienced Australians. These shakuhachi masters [...]

Australian Shakuhachi Festival 20202020-03-09T17:28:55+10:00

Read Japan: A Booklover’s Guide to Japanese Literature in Translation, 1960-2020 | Postponed

March 20 – April 3, 2020 Read Japan: A Booklover’s Guide to Japanese Literature in Translation, 1960 – 2020 is a series of three talks designed to help bridge this gap for anyone interested in contemporary writing from Japan. The speakers, all experts in Japanese literature, will introduce novels published in Japan over three consecutive 20-year periods—the 1960s-70s, 1980s-90s, and 2000 to present—focusing on works translated into English. Each talk [...]

Read Japan: A Booklover’s Guide to Japanese Literature in Translation, 1960-2020 | Postponed2020-03-16T11:45:00+10:00

National Conference-keynote speaker–astronaut,Mamoru Mohri,Ph.D.

The next Biennial Conference of the National Federation of Australia Japan Societies will be held 18-20 September 2020. The Conference is pleased to announce the keynote speaker for the event - astronaut , Mamoru Mohri, Ph.D. Dr. Mamoru Mohri is Japan’s first Scientist Astronaut, and the first Chief Executive Director of Miraikan-The National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation. view more on Dr. Mamoru Mohri National Conference 2020 The host [...]

National Conference-keynote speaker–astronaut,Mamoru Mohri,Ph.D.2020-03-05T13:54:55+10:00

Wagashi: Nature and Tradition in Sweets | postponed

17th April 2020 | Japan Foundation A special talk and demonstration by wagashi specialist Sachiko Matsunami of Wagashi Moments on the making of wagashi (artisanal Japanese sweets). Wagashi is an art that mirrors everyday life. It represents all things living and natural by transforming traditional sweet-making into a consumable art that references nature, the seasons, flowers and more. Developed to compliment Japanese tea ceremony, it reflects the ritualistic precision and [...]

Wagashi: Nature and Tradition in Sweets | postponed2020-03-16T12:09:40+10:00

Japanese Modernism – National Gallery of Victoria

28 Feb 20 – 4 Oct 20 During the first half of the twentieth century Japan’s traditional art and aesthetics interacted with European life and culture, resulting in a pulsating era of Japanese modernism and the creation of Asian Art Deco architecture, paintings, prints, design and fashion. From the early 1920s until the late 1930s Japan developed a lively consumer culture and felt the influence of new technologies from abroad. [...]

Japanese Modernism – National Gallery of Victoria2020-03-02T05:30:22+10:00

Kobun Workshop for Japan Scholars | postponed

26-27th March 2020 On March 26 & 27, The Japan Foundation, Sydney will host a free two-day workshop to help local Japan scholars build literacy in kobun (古文), or classical Japanese. The workshop is organised in partnership with the Japanese Studies Association of Australia (JSAA), and will be led by Dr Matthew Shores of The University of Sydney. Funding is available to assist with travel and accommodation for participants from [...]

Kobun Workshop for Japan Scholars | postponed2020-03-16T11:45:14+10:00

Australia-Japan Relations – Perspective from North East Asia | POSTPONED

19 Mar 2020 | AJS NSW | POSTPONED The impact of the COVID-19 (corona) virus, now worldwide, gives new meaning to the interconnectedness of Australia and Japan to China and the whole of Asia. Our speaker in March is John Langtry, a recently-retired diplomat who knows the region intimately and has headed up DFAT's North East Asia branch. He will speak on the Australia-Japan relationship in a regional strategic context, [...]

Australia-Japan Relations – Perspective from North East Asia | POSTPONED2020-03-11T10:14:27+10:00

Meet Toru Takamatsu, the youngest Master Sommelier in the world

Aged 24, Takamatsu passed the toughest exam in the wine industry; not bad for a Sydney barista who decided to become a sommelier just three years ago. Toru Takamatsu is not what you would call your typical sommelier. In fact, it's difficult to fathom he works in the hospitality industry at all. He's softly spoken, shy – almost painfully so – and sports a floppy fringe that falls over his [...]

Meet Toru Takamatsu, the youngest Master Sommelier in the world2020-02-18T18:02:08+10:00