Why Japan’s young are working in Australia in record numbers

Australian Financial Review | 1 Dec 23

Young Japanese applying to work and live in Australia have suddenly jumped to a new high this year after falling since 2016, with the numbers expected to spike again next year, adding to Australia’s record levels of migration.

Japanese workers are seeking to escape low wages, a rigid work culture and a plunging yen, which has made holidaying overseas unaffordable for many, according to Itsuro Fujita, who works as an agent for the Japan Working Holiday Association.

When I went to Australia, the wages weren’t that attractive. Now they are the main reason for people wanting to go. The yen is so weak,” said Mr Fujita, who also runs three cafes and is passionate about all things Australia.

He describes his two years in Australia from 2009 as life-changing. But back then, he wasn’t doing it for the money.

The value of the Japanese yen against the Australian dollar was more than 50 per cent higher than it is today.

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