Visiting fellowships: JF-USSC Japan-Australia Dialogue and Exchange for Next Generation

The Japan Foundation and United States Studies Centre at the University of Sydney have established two parallel and interrelated Australia-Japan fellowship programs to strengthen connections between Australian and Japanese policy experts and research institutes and to cultivate the next generation of policy-savvy Japan experts based in Australia and Australia experts based in Japan.

Participants will experience field trips to Japan or Australia, writing opportunities, research engagements with key government and industry players, and mentorship by senior USSC experts – including Dr Michael J. Green, CEO of the USSC and Professor Peter Dean, Director of Foreign Policy and Defence Program.

Application for FY2024 fellowship by Monday, 10 June 2024

Applicants must have a total of three or more years of work experience in relevant fields or must be MPhil/ PhD candidates (or hold MPhil/PhD) in relevant fields.

The main theme for 2024 is maritime security and Australia-Japan security/defence relations.

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