17th July 2022

Co-hosted by Australia-Japan Society of NSW

Around the world the Japanese have come to be known as a nation of diligent, ever serious and oftentimes dour people. But throughout their history, right up to the present day, they display a sardonic, witty, whimsical and often deadly sense of humor that pervades social and artistic life.

What is the nature of that humor and in what ways are the Japanese such a comically theatrical people?

Over the past fifty-five years Roger Pulvers has enjoyed close relationships with scores of Japanese authors, playwrights, actors and comedians. He has appeared on television and radio with many of them.

In this talk Roger will recount incidents from these encounters and give a wide overview of the many forms and guises of Japanese humour.

2:30 pm for 3:00 pm| Gleebook Bookshop

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