The names of 80 Japanese submariners who died in a battle during a World War II in north Australian waters are now enshrined on Darwin’s coastline.

Japanese Submarine I-124 was sunk by HMAS Deloraine on January 20, 1942, a month before the bombing of Darwin, after a series of covert missions along Australia’s northern coastline.

The I-124 had tried, unsuccessfully, to attack a convoy and sink a US oil tanker, before the HMAS Deloraine gave chase and sank the submarine with a barrage of depth charges, killing its captain and 79 crew onboard.

On Friday, Japan’s Ambassador to Australia, Shingo Yamagami, and Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner unveiled a plaque at Darwin’s Dripstone Cliffs, on which the names of all 80 fallen submariners are etched.

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