25 August – 23 September 2023 | Art Gallery of New South Wales

Japan and France have more in common than meets the eye. Paris and Edo were amongst the largest cities in the world by the 17th century. Both societies had centralising rulers, who created palace and imposing urban spaces and precincts devoted to pleasures. Yet the luxuries and pleasures desired by these groups changed dramatically over time.

Over five weeks, co presenters Peter McNeil and Toby Slade will examine the changing concept of luxury across art, architecture, furniture, clothing and accessories, gems and jewels and the people who consumed, collected or simply lived a life of luxury.

Each lecture will be held on Friday and repeated on Saturday in the Domain Theatre.

Sessions will run from 10.30am to 12.30pm with a short 15-minute intermission. Tea and coffee will be provided during intermission.

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