Two Week online course Starting 26th September

Live from Ishikawa | Japan

Twice each year the Australia – Japan Society (ACT) arranges participants for a two-week in-country course in Japanese language/culture – in Kanazawa, Japan.  The course is run by the Ishikawa Foundation for International Exchange (IFIE) in April and September/October.

From  2021 – due to COVID – the Society has devised an online program  – live from Ishikawa – for Japanese Language Study

Japanese lessons held on Zoom, such as introducing culture and life in Ishikawa or preparing for exchanges with local university students.

Exchanges with host families and university students in Ishikawa.

Examples of the content of classes held in April 2022:

  • Learning about life in Ishikawa and interaction with local people
  • Japanese classes focusing on topics including Ishikawa/Japanese food culture, tourism, traditional crafts and popular culture. Participants researched these topics using information from instructors and made comparisons with their home countries. The results were presented at exchanges with host families and local university students, with discussions taking place in the following class.
  • Introducing yourself, your country and culture. With the support of instructors, participants thought about how to introduce themselves, their country and culture in Japanese. They presented their ideas during exchanges with host families and local university students.
  • Participants held online presentations about Japan and Japanese culture using what they had learned through exchanges from host families and local university students.

Examples of Schedules

Example: 2-Week Program ( 14 hours)

  • Japanese classes: 2 hours x 3 times per week for two weeks
  • Exchanges with host families and university students, 1session per week each.
  • Cost: about $A180 – $200 (depending on exchange rate variations and the number of participants)
  • Maximum class size is 10

For Applications and general enquiries, please contact Mr Michael Hodgkin, AJS Course Coordinator:

Subsidized by the Ishikawa Government

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