August + September 2022 | ファンタジア·ダウンアンダー日豪幻想芸術の交流祭

The Festival of the Fantastic in Australian and Japanese Arts aims to celebrate and introduce Australian fantasy authors and artists with a Japanese audience.

The festival aims to raise awareness of Australian fantastic arts in Japan (and vice-versa) by hosting a range of events across Australia and Japan to foster engagement from grassroots though to the industry level.

September 3rd and 4th 2022 | ICON Cosplay Photo Festival

ICON Cosplay Photo Festival is a cosplay photography event inspired by events such as Wellington Cosplay Photo Fest in New Zealand, and European events such as Volta in Cosplay.

Partnering with the Australia Japan Foundation funded Festival of the Fantstic in Australian and Japanese Arts, ICON pays homage to past cosplay and Japanese popular culture events held in Tasmania, while celebrating new and exciting inovations in cosplay and photography

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September 3, 2022 1pm-1.50pm | Writing the Fantastic

Join DANIELLE WOOD in creating a new world, lore, or mythos in this guided writing session. Will you stick to the path in the woods? Or will you follow your imagination to places unknown?

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3 September 2022 4:30 pm – 6:00 pm | Crones Knitting Circle

Bring a long your latest crafting project or something from your UFO pile (unfinished object pile) and a story to share.

You don’t need to be a crone or a knitter to participate.

University of Tasmania | Churchill Avenue

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