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As the buzz surrounding ChatGPT has grown in recent months, Japanese firms have begun to grapple with how to integrate it into their work — or whether to use the artificial intelligence-powered chatbot at all.

Panasonic Connect, which runs network equipment and security solution services, started providing an AI assistant tool based on ChatGPT to its employees in mid-February, as the company had been paying close attention to the chatbot’s potential from an early stage.

“In the words of (the ChatGPT project leader at the company), it’s not about whether to use it or not, it’s about when to use it,” a Panasonic Connect spokesman said.

According to the spokesman, who declined to be named due to company policy, employees have used the ChatGPT AI assistant for tasks such as creating drafts of documents and reports, checking programming code and seeking advice on business models.

Yet given that the world is still at the dawn of the new era of AI, companies are taking different approaches on using these new generative AI tools — such as ChatGPT, Google’s Bard chatbot and art generator Midjourney — with some moving fast and others taking a more cautious approach.

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