8th-10th October 2023

The Australia-Japan Business Partnership – Looking To the Next 60 Years

Registration for AJBCC members to join our landmark 60th Annual Joint Business Conference in Melbourne from 8-10 October 2023,  is now open. Looking forward to showcasing the best of  Australia to our friends from the JABCC, in conjunction with our host, the Government of Victoria.

A 60th anniversary is a huge milestone. In Japan, it marks the completion of a full life-cycle and the contemplation of a new one. In similar vein, our theme,  The Australia-Japan Business Partnership: Looking to the Next Sixty Years, alludes to the successful past, but emphasises that this vital relationship is itself entering a new phase, and our focus needs to be firmly on what comes next.

The conference will be held at the CENTREPIECE at Melbourne Park, located on Olympic Blvd.

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