Japan and Australia, two global leaders in science, have a rich history of working together.

It is now over forty years since the bilateral science and technology treaty between the two countries was signed. While science collaboration between Japan and Australia was well established prior to this, the treaty formalised and built on the relationship to the great benefit of both countries.

Since then, important initiatives have been established to provide opportunities for Australian and Japanese researchers of varied career levels to learn, research and innovate alongside each other. These initiatives include the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science Alumni Association in Australia Fellowships and the HOPE meeting for Nobel Laureates. These initiatives are administered by the Australian Academy of Science on behalf of the Australian Government Department of Industry, Science and Resources.
Natural partners as leaders in science and technology

Nobel Laureate, astrophysicist and ANU Vice Chancellor Professor Brian Schmidt has experienced the value of Australia’s relationship with Japan firsthand.

“When we’re trying to unlock the secrets of the universe – whether it be at the biological level, the nanoscale, or on the scale of the cosmos – they are natural partners,” Professor Schmidt said.

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